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Remembering the Day on Your Wedding Anniversary

T.E.N. It’s hard to believe it has already been ten years since my wonderful husband and I celebrated our own wedding day! As we excitedly showed the kids our wedding album over breakfast on our anniversary this year, (we were a bit more excited than the little guys were) I started thinking about how there are certain things from our big day that each of us remember and reminisce about, and how fun it is to relive the moments year after year. Things like a yearly glance at our wedding album, or the occasional use of our champagne toasting glasses or cake serving set; or even a few years ago, when I pulled my wedding dress out of storage just to glance at it. Doing each of these things brings a smile to my face and sparks amazing memories of our wedding.

So when my clients start asking me things like, “is it worth spending on {whatever it may be}, will I really use or look at it again?”. My answer is, well I sure do, but whether or not you will depends on you two! Weddings are a personal occasion and are different for everyone. Some things that matter most to one couple, might not matter at all to another couple. So with that in mind I would say in general you should weigh what really matters to you and spend your money there. For example, if you really love toasting champagne on special occasions, or if bubbly is your drink of choice on a night out, then maybe go ahead and splurge on those gorgeous designer toasting flutes that you have been eyeing! But if not, then maybe you would be perfectly fine using the champagne glasses that the venue or rental company has for the table settings for all guests.

Now when it comes to vendors, I think it is 100% worth it to do your research and be willing to budget a little more for a quality, professional team. That will ensure that your day is as smooth and wonderful as it can be. So if your budget is a little limited, then maybe skip the favors, or extra stationary like ceremony programs or menu cards, and instead spend the money on an established and well reviewed Planner, Photographer, Band/DJ, or Florist.

However you choose to spend your money for your wedding day, just be sure that you enjoy it! Always remember that the day is about you and your love, and that should be the main focus. So when you look back on the wedding years later, you will get to relive the wonderful moments of laughter and love that made the day all that it was meant to be.

Photo: Gary Coelho Photography

Planner: Heartfelt Weddings & Events

Venue: Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club

Florist: Flowers Etc. Weddings

Dessert: Sweet Traders

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