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The Story

Weddings and events have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Even at nine years old on a family vacation to San Diego I started planning the details of my wedding should it be at the hotel where we were staying. In fact, over the years I did that so much everywhere we went that when my husband proposed to me I was in the middle of telling him the logistics of how I would set up a wedding in that spot. I thought he was making fun of me by getting down on one knee. Once I realized he was serious, I quickly said YES through all the laughter and happy tears. 


Now, after being in the wedding and event industry for over twelve years, I can honestly say that I still have that same passion and excitement for events that I did as a young girl. Prior to starting my own company Heartfelt Weddings & Events over eight years ago, I was the Private Events Director at a country club in addition to Tradeshow and Event Manager for large retail companies. Working the venue side as well as the corporate side of the industry gave me the skills needed to be thorough and knowledgeable while planning details on behalf of my clients. 


Being a part of such a memorable occasion assisting in organizing the details for celebrations that revolve around love truly makes my heart happy! My hope is that my love of planning for life’s great moments will help your dream moments come to life.


Sarah Whitney Harris

The Lady Behind The Story

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Sarah Whitney Harris



  • Founded in Faith

  • Wifey and Mama Bear

  • Lover of French Macarons 

  • Magnolia Farms Groupie

  • Loves Learning New Things

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